Are you ready for exposure to the sun?

The Bisolaires offer you their advice in how you can

protect yourself from the sun, whilst avoiding most of the risks associated with its enjoyment !

My name is Agnès. A few months ago, I underwent surgery to remove a mole, which was found to be a melanoma. I then underwent further surgery known as surgical recovery, which involved reopening the scar (X4) in order to analyze a larger tissue sample to safeguard the area. Luckily no post-operative treatment was necessary.

Since then, another mole has been removed, the results of which revealed “atypia” (or the presence of cellular abnormality). Further surgical procedures will now be carried out on other moles to prevent further problems.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Robert Gabbai who has literally “saved my skin”. He has checked my many moles on an annual basis and I now have regular three-month check ups with him.
Around 10% of skin cancers are genetic, the other 90% are the effect of sun damage.

It has been said over and over again that prevention is the best treatment for cancer. Monitor your body for changes and weaknesses.

This website has no medical function. It merely deals with solar prevention and is aimed at those who wish to protect themselves effectively from the sun, and avoid sunburn, sunstroke and any consequent cancer of the skin (carcinoma and melanoma).

Anyone who wishes to go out in the sun and is currently undergoing treatment for a serious illness is well-advised to consult their doctor, trust their diagnosis and follow their advice.

The aim of this site is to collate the information that I needed to care for my scar, and also to display a range information about sun protection including details of sunscreens adapted to skin type, anti-UV (or not) clothing, UV protection sunglasses which meet European standards, sun hats, hair care for sunny conditions and so on. The topic has proved fascinating, so I have continued my investigations to include other aspects such as the effect of the sun on tattooes, acne, sun allergies, the risks for people undergoing drug treatments who are exposed to the sun and the adverse reactions of certain cosmetics to the sun.

Since I wasn’t familiar with all the vocabulary associated with solar protection, I began by preparing a glossary with some essential definitions, such as UV, UV index, natural resistance to the sun, skin phototype, SPF, TAO, UPF and the ABCDE rule, and these in turn helped in the pursuit of my investigations.

During my visit to San Sebastian, I came across Alice on her surfboard, who was also interested in the subject as a keen surfer and for family reasons. She helped with the initial concept and designed the logo. I worked with a number of collaborators to develop images and photographic input for the site. Our meeting gave birth to Les Bisolaires.

How does one implement sun care? Why does the term “total screen” no longer exist? At what time of the day can your skin be safely exposed to the sun? Why is the sun also dangerous at altitude and in the  snow?… so many valid questions with answers leading the way to good health.

So the first piece of advice from the Bisolaires is to only retreat to a darkened room to watch your favourite movies. Otherwise, enjoy the sun and the great outdoors a make sure that you stick to the rules!