It is not advisable to expose a recent tattoo (less than 6 weeks old) to the sun. A tattoo creates a wound which must heal. The sun can modify the way in which a tattoo heals, cause pain on raw skin and provoke burns or blisters in certain cases. Pigments are also likely to deteriorate, or even distort the tattoo. Dark spots can also appear on the skin which take months to disappear (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

In case of infection, consult a doctor urgently.

In the event of sunburn, apply an ultra moisturizing cream until it has been completely absorbed. Repeat the procedure until no more cream penetrates the skin.

It is not a good idea to place a dressing on the tattoo as protection from the sun. This in fact slows down the healing process.

When the tattoo is recent, swimming is not a good idea either. Sea salt or swimming pool chlorine do not mix with fresh tattooes and the ink can leech after around ten minutes.

Focus on staying dry and remaining in the shade for about six weeks.

Generally speaking, even when your scar has healed, select a 50+ sun screen regardless of your skin type and moisturize your skin after each exposure. Regardless of the intensity of UV rays, the sun does cause tattoos to age. Remember that lighter colors always fade the most.

Do not forget to apply more sunscreen every time you bathe. We recommend you use a stick, which is easy to carry for touch-ups and adheres better to the skin.

If you are about to have a tattoo it is advisable to schedule your operation several weeks before going on vacation and to avoid situating the tattoo over an existing mole so that the area can be monitored.

NB : Commonly used for temporary tattoos, henna is widely used on beaches but it is not without risk. If the color of the preparation is too black, don’t use it (chemicals have probably been added which may cause allergies). Select a brown-orange color. Use it at the end of the holidays, when your skin is golden, otherwise there is a risk of a white mark when the tattoo has disappeared.

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