The hair is also subject to sun damage, and the wind, sea salt and chlorine from swimming pools, can leave it discoloured, dehydrated and fragile.

Too much sun dries out the epidermis and alters the PH of the scalp, which can cause skin conditions.

Salt and sand irritate the scalp and can cause itching, chlorine dries the hair fibre and spoils the color of the skin, the wind carries dust which sticks to the hair and leaves the hair dull.

Colored or faded hair is not spared as it is even more sensitive than naturally-coloured hair. It therefore requires specific protection to prevent it from becoming porous and to ensure that coloring does not fade or spoil. Special shampoos and treatments are available which limit and even neutralise unwanted color changes. Ask your hairdresser for more information. .

At the beach, opt for a non greasy, non sticky light textured spray for normal hair, which offers optimal protection for the hair fiber.

For dry and damaged hair, opt for a protective oil to with a deep moisturizing effect. Some contain UV filters.

Some products also offer protection against salt and chlorine.

As with sunscreen, this must be applied before and during exposure and do not forget to renew the application regularly.

For washing, use an ultra-soft nourishing shampoo that clears the hair of chlorine and salt and provides in-depth repair. Then apply a shampoo from the middle length to the tips. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes for optimal results.

Twice a week, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing mask to the ends and tips (shea butter, cocoa butter, argan which contains properties which soften and repair damaged hair). The mask can be left under a towel before showering for even better results.

There are also nourishing capillary oils which can be applied after shampoos to rehydrate the hair fiber.

For long hair, try coating your hair in oil one evening a week (castor or avocado) and then plait it and leave it overnight.

But having the right products is not enough. Each time you go for a swim (sea or pool) remember to rinse your hair if you are near a shower and if not use a bottle of plain water.

Useful tip: opt for a hairstyle that keeps its shape. The wind tangles and breaks the hair fiber. For optimum protection, wear a hat on the beach.

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