Do not merely start protecting yourself from the sun when you go on holiday.  Beware of passive tanning or “urban’ tanning : work, lunch or drinks on the terrace, picnics in the  park, shopping, gardening, mowing the  lawn and outdoor sports  all involve exposure to the sun !

Unfortunately tanning is too closely associated with beaches and the holiday months of July and August and we rarely associate sunburn with urban life. Nevertheless, glass surfaces reflect rays from the sun and you can get sunburnt whilst out walking. A record number of burns were recorded in England during the summer heat wave of 2018.

In addition to sand, water, snow, grass, tar, light-coloured floors and glass surfaces also reflect UV rays.  Ideally one should use a Factor  50 cream on the face 365 days a year.

Sports enthusiasts please read this interesting article which  contains advice from American professional footballers.  They spend countless hours training in the full sun and have adopted a number of preventive measures in response to several reported cases of skin cancer.

People working outdoors: construction staff, gardeners, sailors, farmers, lifeguards, etc … be vigilant!

Take special care in cloudy and windy weather when the  sensation of sunburn is reduced although the  intensity of the sun remains the same.

For everyone: programme a consultation with your dermatologist every year.

Cover picture: Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash