The best protection is to keep to the shade and wear appropriate clothing. It is vitally important to limit exposure to the sun.

Referring to melanomas, Dr. Bertrand Kiefer, editor-in-chief of the Swiss Medical Review has stated that “we do not know whether sun creams are efficient against melanomas but of all the available options,  the application of suncream, even though it is one of the least reliable choices,  is the one that most people remember.  According to him, sunscreens can be considered as useful protection against non-melanoma type skin cancer and sunburn in children which can lead to adult melanomas.

Les Bisolaires have noted that one of the two French pharmaceutical market leaders in sun protection refer to this notion of “preventing skin cancers excluding melanomas” in their brands.

One should not apply sun cream in the belief that it offers protection from skin cancer.

Beware: If your parasol is lightweight and has no anti-UV treatment , UV rays will  pass straight through.

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