WRONG : The term « total screen » has been banned  for several years in Europe, as no creams, even those with a high SPF, can filter 100% of UV rays. A new classification specifies the categories “low”, “medium”, “high” and “very high”.

WRONG : It just takes  a little longer for the skin to tan.

WRONG : Unless they protect themselves, dark skinned people will be affected by sunburn.  They are also vulnerable to skin cancer which does not respect different skin colours. The risk is that unless one remains vigilant, the illness is only likely to be detected at an advanced stage.

WRONG : Tanned skin does not provide  adequate protection against the harmful effects of the sun:  the ageing process, spots and skin cancers.   However protection can be reduced from 50 to 30 SPF.  The tan corresponds to a type SPF5 protection but does not in any case reduce the necessity for sun protection.

RIGHT : Sunburn does not provide immunity against future problems.

WRONG : They pave the way for cancer !!! Nothing prepares the skin for exposure to the sun and tanning is simply a warning sign of skin damage.

WRONG : This  is the most dangerous time because 80% of UV rays pass through the clouds  and furthermore warning signals for sunburn are absent.

WRONG : So-called waterproof creams lose their properties after bathing – particularly in salt or chlorinated water.  Therefore sunscreen must be reapplied after each swim.

TRUE : Once opened, a cream will keep for about 12 months. After a year it may become less effective, less homogeneous or cause skin irritations.   Do not use any sun product which has changed appearance and / or odour after storage. To help it last longer, ensure that the applicator is closed properly after use, avoid temperature variations and heat sources or exposure to direct sunlight.

TRUE : Some textiles act as a better filter than others . Perfect sun protection includes the use of suncream with a minimum SPF 30, wearing appropriate clothing, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat, and spending the majority of your time in the shade.

WRONG : UVB rays are stopped by glass, but  UVA rays which are responsible for skin ageing pass through.

TRUE : The skin on the lips is thin and therefore very  vulnerable to sunburn.

WRONG : it is an illusion to believe that the appearance of  acne-affected skin is improved by exposure to the  sun.  Any beneficial effects only last for a few weeks.

TRUE : but contrary to popular belief it is not due to the alcohol content.

WRONG : It only  gets rid of dead cells. NB: scrubs should be applied after the holidays, when the sun is no longer present.

TRUE : The skin is more sensitive, beware of  irritation.

TRUE : Some medicines can cause sun intolerance and local reactions. It is therefore essential to consult your doctor and ask for advice.

WRONG : This practice prevents air circulation and  increases the temperature inside the pushchair which exposes the baby to the risk of heat stroke.

TRUE : the skin of pregnant women is subject to hormonal variations so there can be unusual reactions. All skin types should beware of sunburn !!!

TRUE and WRONG : Moles should be inspected regularly using the ABCDE rule and  any  unusual blemish, skin inflammation, pimple that resists healing or other anomaly should also be carefully monitored.

TRUE : it is vital to protect them and to watch out for any warning signs of heat stroke.